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Healthy Pet Treats


When you’re supplying your pet with a healthy diet, it’s only natural to look for healthy pet treats as well. At Raw Feeding Miami we have a variety of single ingredient healthy pet treats available to choose from! We offer options for power chewers like our All-Natural Rawhide Rolls and Dehydrated Spiral Bullysticks, healthy pet treats for small dogs and/or training like our Dehydrated Rabbit Jerky, or more exotic healthy pet treats like our Dehydrated Beef Ears and Dehydrated Beef Trachea along with many more options. If you’re looking for a variety of healthy pet treats in one order we also have a Treat Pack bundle available. The items in this bundle change monthly (please check the information on the Treat Pack page to see what items are included this month).


If you have any additional questions about our healthy pet treats or about any other items we offer please feel free to contact us through email at:


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