Aloe Vera

Helps reduce inflammation  Helps promote healing and a healthy GI tract Great for internal and external use Give two ounces twice a day before meals Spray any irritated areas 3-4 times a... Learn More


Alternative Sensitivity & Allergy Test

Disclaimer: Raw Feeding Miami is not the manufacturer of this test. This is an alternative testing method and should not be compared to blood testing or serum testing for allergies.... Learn More



Helps maintain regularity and balances GI flora. Extremely effective fiber that enhances immunity. Works as a prebiotic. Great for cats and dogs. Non-allergenic and does not stimulate insulin response. Helps... Learn More


Blessed Relief Anti-Itch Formula

Contains ingredients that may reduce heat and dampness. Promotes healing of the skin. Boosts immunity to promote the body to heal itself. Contains anti-inflammatory enzymes. Safe for cats and dogs... Learn More


Canine Comfort Digestive Aid for Dogs

Used to promote normal digestion in dogs. Enhances gastrointestinal function. Helps soothe and rebuild the intestinal lining. Restores microbiological balance. Helps stop diarrhea in dogs. Available in Beef Flavor and... Learn More
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Celloquent Immune Support

High quality vitamin and mineral content Ideal for immune suppressed pets, especially those fighting cancer Nutraceutical immune supporter For an extra powerful boost, give with Vital Pet Lipids Includes ingredients such... Learn More
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Flex-N-Free Joint Restoration

Comprehensive formula to address lubrication, tendon & ligament strength, and inflammation. Helps cushion joints, ease pain, and improves mobility. Supports the integrity of the joints, collagen, synovial fluid, ligaments, tendons,... Learn More


Herbal Anti-Inflammatory

Raises immune competence. Helps tonify and disinfect the gastrointestinal and urinary tract. Contains ingredients such as Venus Fly Trap, Yucca, and Licorice. Very gentle on the body  Completely natural 2... Learn More
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Remedy for diarrhea made from unique red seaweed called Lithothamnium, from the Irish Sea. Calcium & multi nutrient supplement. Absorbs water and normalizes bowel movements. Learn More


Luxolite Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay in liquid form for easy administering Acts as a natural detoxifier, removing toxins from the body Extremely gentle on the system. Helps with loose stools Not to be... Learn More
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Pet Flora Probiotics

Soil based probiotics for your dog. 29 active strains of SBO's. Maintains ideal balance of gut flora to ensure proper nutrition 50 capsules per bottle. Learn More


Raw Bovine Colostrum

Raw Bovine Colostrum milk 2nd Milk (collected after the calf has milked for 36 hours) Certified organic and grass-fed Sourced through an Amish farm No offspring were harmed or neglected... Learn More
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Raw Bovine Colostrum - 1st

Raw Bovine Colostrum milk 1st Milk (collected after the calf has milked for 12 hours) Certified organic From grass-fed cows Sourced through the Amish No offspring were harmed or neglected... Learn More
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Raw Cow Kefir

Raw Cow Kefir Completely raw and unpasteurized Certified organic and grass-fed Sourced through an Amish farm Great for balancing the gut Sold by the pint and comes frozen To learn... Learn More
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Super Food

Gives a big boost of 16 vitamins and minerals Promotes optimal wellness Boosts immunity to promote the body to heal itself Can be easily mixed with food  Can be used... Learn More
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