Feed your pet the way nature intended


If you are reading this, then you’ve probably been on the search for more information on what to feed your pet. The raw feeding movement has begun and people are starting to find out the truth behind the pet food industry. As society starts to learn what is actually in their pet’s food, more and more people are transitioning over to a true carnivorous diet. So Raw Feeding Miami and Perfectly Rawsome have teamed up to bring you the first educational platform that is supported by a raw food purveyor. Perfectly Rawsome aims to educate our community about the raw diet, while explaining how and why it works. Pet owners can now learn about the inner workings of their pet, how starting a raw diet can benefit their pet's overall health and happiness, and will also be given access to customized meal plans built through Raw Feeding Miami.

    Benefits of a raw diet

    • Fresh Breath
    • White & Clean Teeth
    • Strong Immune System
    • Less Hyperactivity
    • Stabilized Energy Levels
    • Softer & Shinier Coats
    • Smaller & Less Odorous Poops
    • Less Vet Visits
    • No pet odor
    • More Muscle Tone
    • Ideal Weight Maintenance
    • Less Itching & Scratching


    at Perfectly Rawsome and find the raw feeder in you!