Chunked Goose

Whole geese cut into chunks Should be fed as bone & boneless Hormone & Antibiotic free.  All Natural! Seasonal availability; fall and winter Considered red meat This listing is for... Learn More
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Dehydrated Poultry Feet

Dehydrated Pasture-Raised Poultry Feet Chicken & Duck & Guinea ideal for small or medium dogs Turkey and Goose ideal for large dogs  Turkey feet are sold individually, all others are... Learn More


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Goose Broth

Pasture raised goose broth Sold per pint Sourced through the amish Certified organic Soy-free Beef bone broth is particularly rich in material from cartilage and tendons like chondroitin sulphates and... Learn More
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Pasture Raised Goose Grind

Pasture-raised goose grind  Hormone & Antibiotic free. Not enhanced Seasonal item, limited supply available  This item can be fed as a meal  Ideal for small breeds, cats, and dogs who swallow things... Learn More
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Pasture Raised Goose Necks

Pasture-raised goose necks Should be fed as bone, as 10% of the diet Comes with skin on, and trachea still attached Sourced in GA, step 4+ in animal welfare Hormone... Learn More
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