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Thinking of trying out a raw diet, but not sure where to begin? This episode is for you. Carla B is the founder of Raw Feeding Miami; an online store for pet owners to buy raw meats, bones, organs, supplements, and treats. Carla switched her dog Brutus to a raw diet to fight his health issues, and never looked back.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

[1:15] Introduction to Carla and how she got started with a raw diet for her dog Brutus

[4:22] What foods led to her Brutus’ issues

[6:16] What is meant by “raw food”

[9:35] How Carla finds a good balance for a raw diet, and what you should know before starting your dog on a raw diet

[17:10] Some transformational stories of dogs who have had positive relief from utilizing a raw diet

[20:06] The “temperature” of different meats in Chinese Medicine

[23:25] What is the “Prey Model”?

[27:08] Advice for those who wish to try out a raw diet for their pets

[30:30] Cost analysis of a raw diet vs traditional dog food.

[34:50] What is colostrum, and what is it used for?

[39:30] Why store-bought eggs need to be refrigerated right away, and differences between “free-range”, “pasture-raised”, etc

[43:48] Balanced diet is very essential for feeding puppies

[48:35] Carla’s thoughts for taking care of Golden Retrievers

[52:08] Dental care for animals on the raw diet, and which types of bones are good for dogs

[55:05] Are flea and tick meds okay for dogs?

[57:27] Is dairy okay for dogs?

[60:50] Carla’s favorite resources for information

In this episode… The Raw Food Diet has gained popularity in recent years, and it has shown to be a great help for animals with allergy and health problems, but many owners of otherwise healthy pets have begun to make the switch.

Carla B is an expert. She and her company have developed a raw diet system and network which has the science down of what, when, and how much to feed your pet when switching to a raw diet. All of their meats are grass-fed and are hormone and antibiotic-free, and she has done immense research to find out exactly what animals need to get a balanced, nutritious diet.

This week Carla sits down with Tim to discuss the benefits of a raw diet, the costs of switching from traditional dog food, some inspiring stories from owners, and so much more.

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