Raw Organic Sheep Kefir


24 pieces in stock

  • Raw organic sheep kefir is a fermented sheep milk drink 
  • Has over 3 dozen strains of healthy bacteria and live enzymes
  • Sourced from pasture raised and finished sheep 

All sheep milk products are raw (unpasteurized) and un-homogenized; also from sheep that are 100% grass-fed, NOT partially grass-fed like most farms do to keep costs down and help them make more milk. 

In addition, the processing in which commercial organic milk goes through changes the quality of the milk, and kills the enzymes and beneficial bacteria. This makes the milk a "dead" food which is hard to digest and causes inflammation through the body. 

When this raw milk sours after 10-14 days in your fridge, it's still safe to drink since it is soured milk and NOT rotten milk. When commercial pasteurized milk from the store goes bad, it rots and becomes dangerous to drink. Do not confuse rotten pasteurized milk with soured milk which results from raw milk. 

This listing is for ONE PINT of raw sheep kefir

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