Savannah - Ostrich Esophagus


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Savannah Dog Treats are made from 100% ethically and sustainably raised and harvested ostrich meat. Our hypoallergenic ostrich tendons are for the health-minded pet owner, with specific benefits for dogs with allergies, intolerances and sensitive stomachs.

Ostrich Esophagus is 100% natural and hypoallergenic with no added ingredients. It is a crunchy, great tasting lightweight treat for small to medium dogs

  •  Healthy for the Planet. Raising ostriches uses 98% less land and 99% less water than used for raising cattle. 
  • Sustainably-Sourced. Our ostrich supply is responsibly harvested in South Africa, using best practices. The ostriches are sustainably farm-raised in their natural habitat, and are free of any growth hormones and antibiotics.

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