HUNDE - Vital Blend for Dogs


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This flexible and budget-friendly blend is perfect for novice and seasoned raw feeders alike. This blend balances homemade diets that already contain organ meat and calcium, such as those based on ratios or the 80/10/10 and BARF principles.

These diets are a fantastic start but often lacking in vitamins D and E, zinc, iodine, copper, manganese, linoleic acid, EPA and DHA, among others.

This base is nutritionist formulated and freeze-dried to lock in all of the goodness of fresh food. It’s chock full of human-grade oily fish, green tripe and organic superfoods to fill these common nutritional gaps and take the stress out of preparing your dog's food.

  • Unique blend of gut health-supporting superfoods
  • 100% whole foods with no synthetic nutrients or fillers
  • Can be added to raw or lightly cooked food
  • Small bags have 250 grams of product
  • Large bags have 500 grams of product
  • Just 20g of Vital Blend creates 2.2 pounds of incredibly nutritious homemade pet food (so you need half as much as our other blends!)

This blend can also be used as a meal topper to add important nutritional variety to any of RFM's pre-made grinds.

Ingredients: freeze-dried sardines, freeze-dried goat green tripe, activated sunflower seed meal, organic kelp powder, organic wheatgrass powder, organic lions mane mushroom, hempseed powder, oyster powder, organic paw paw leaf powder, green ladyfinger banana powder.

This blend has been formulated in line with the principles of the nutritional needs of dogs as they are set out by the National Research Council and AAFCO. Due to the variable nature of each person’s approach to DIY food it is impossible to formulate precisely to these standards, but we're confident we have covered all based more than sufficiently.

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