Feed your pet the way nature intended

Welcome to Raw Feeding Miami

This is your one-stop shop to all things raw. 

At Raw Feeding Miami we don't only specialize in providing high quality meats for your pets, but we also focus on customer service and nutritional support.  Whether you are a long time raw feeder, or you are just starting to make the switch, here at RFM we aim to help you along the way.  


Raw Feeding Miami began when founder Carla Boyadjian noticed a nasty rash develop on her great dane Brutus' skin.  After many failed attempts to ease his discomfort through conventional medicine, Carla decided to focus on what was going into her dog's body.  At first, she attempted to switch his dry dog food to "higher quality" brands to yield better results.  After trying six different brands and spending a lot of money on different brands of dog food, she finally realized the problem was in the food.  She took a leap of faith and made the transition to raw.  Even though both of them had a rocky start for the first few weeks, the immediate improvement in Brutus' skin was undeniable.  At last they had found their solution!  

After sharing her discovery with some local friends, she realized that she was not the only raw feeder in her area.  Through word of mouth and a rapidly increasing group of raw feeders, eventually Raw Feeding Miami was born. Once the demand for our products started to expand beyond South FL, we decided to offer our services to the rest of the raw feeders across the country. 

All of our products come from the largest local suppliers that service the restaurant industry.  In order for us to ensure the quality of our product, we only purchase from USDA inspected and approved vendors.  Technically speaking, if the meat is not good enough for you to eat, why should your pet eat it?  The whole point of feeding raw to our pets is to promote a healthy, long life.  By offering a diverse variety of high quality meats, we are ensuring that your pet gets the best of both worlds, without breaking your wallet.  

We have sought out and developed relationships with vendors, local farmers, out of state farmers, and much more.  We aim to provide our raw feeders with a long list of diverse items; from conventional USDA meats to organic, grass-fed options.  Raw Feeding Miami is your on stop shop for anything and everything RAW!