All-Natural 8x8 Rawhide Chew with Fur


20 pieces in stock

These All-Natural Rawhide Chews are our toughest recreational chew we have available, making them great for powerful chewers! These All-Natural Rawhide Chews are made from pasture-raised & finished cow skin that is never bleached, or treated with any chemicals or preservatives making them fully digestible. They are hand-cut, sun-dried, and sold per square
    • All-Natural Rawhide Chews
    • Made from pasture-raised & finished cow skin
    • Each square measures 8 inches by 8 inches 
    • Should be fed as a recreational chew, always under supervision
    • Fully digestible and doesn't break down into hazardous pieces
    • Second toughest chew available 
    • Never bleached, or treated with chemicals or any preservatives
    • Each square is hand made! 
    • The fur is a natural fiber and will pass through the body naturally while cleaning out the intestines 
    • Sold per piece



    We’re one of the only (possibly THE only) vertically-integrated farm that sells USDA inspected, on-farm butchered meats and sun-dried rawhides. Our rawhides are created from grassfed cattle processed in our on-farm red meat abattoir. Fresh hides are collected daily to be processed for our rawhide chews. Processed by hand, our rawhides are produced without harmful chemicals or bleach and are dehydrated slowly to keep from becoming brittle. Our handmade raw hides are made from our grassfed cattle raised and slaughtered on our farm. We clean the hides, soak in a lye and water bath to help with hair removal, roll by hand, and dry in our customized drying room to provide a unique and highly pleasing Southern treat for your best companions.

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