THE OG Freakshake


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NORM's freakshake is a nutritious milkshake mix, made from powdered freeze-dried chicken hearts, raw goat’s milk powder and green spirulina.

  • Chicken hearts are loaded with protein, B12, iron, zinc & copper
  • Raw goat's milk is both prebiotic and probiotic for gut health
  • Spirulina is an antioxidant rich cyanobacterium that fights the release of histamines, making it perfect for allergy prone doggos.

Just add water to this nutritious milkshake mix and get your freak on! 

This 110g pack will make roughly 40 freakshakes for a small dog or cat and 20 for a larger dog. We recommend starting with a small amount and seeing how your pet tolerates any new treat.   

INGREDIENTS:  Freeze dried chicken hearts, raw goat milk powder, spirulina

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