PURPLE HAZE Freakshake


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It’s time to get psychedelic with NORM’s Purple Haze freakshake. This powdered milkshake mix is made from freeze dried kangaroo pluck, beetroot, butterfly pea powder and coconut milk.

Kangaroo pluck is the liver, lungs, heart and trachea, making it an outstanding offal ouvre. 

🦘 Kangaroo pluck is a nutritious and hypoallergenic combo of iron-rich, hard to source organs

🩷 Beetroot is brimming with glutamine, an amino acid that promotes immune system and digestive health

🦋 Butterfly pea flower is a plant native to Asia, known for its brilliant blue colour, thanks to the presence of the antioxidant compounds anthocyanins

🥥 Coconut milk powder is a dairy free alternative for lactose intolerant normies, and an excellent source of medium chain triglycerides (dem healthy fats)

NORM's kangaroo pluck is raw, human grade and Australian. 

Just add water to this nutritious milkshake mix and you're ready to kiss the sky (or even better, a dog). You can also use this as a meal topper if that’s more your jam.  

This 110g pack will make roughly 40 freakshakes for a small dog or cat and 20 for a larger dog. We recommend starting with a small amount and seeing how your pet tolerates any new treat.   

INGREDIENTS:  Freeze dried kangaroo liver, lung, heart and trachea, coconut milk powder, beetroot powder, butterfly pea powder

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