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Not every dog lover can feed a fresh, whole food diet. Kibble Fixer is expertly formulated to make processed foods more like fresh foods.

Grass finished beef liver
Beef liver is rich in vitamin A and crucial minerals like manganese and zinc that support a healthy joints and immune systems.

Organic greens
Kibble Fixer contains organic kelp, broccoli and alfalfa to deliver important trace minerals and immune supporting polyphenols.

Organic blueberries and cranberries
Blueberries support a healthy brain and immune system while berries are in important source of antioxidants to fight free radical damage.

Organic artichoke 
Jerusalem artichoke is an important source of inulin, a potent prebiotic that supports healthy gut flora.

Soil-based probiotics
Soil-based probiotics are hardy probiotics that are better able to survive damaging stomach acids to support a healthy gut lining

Digestive enzymes
Dogs eating processed foods can struggle to produce enough digestive enzymes. Kibble Fixer provides your dog with plenty of digestive enzymes for better nutrient absorption, a healthy pancreas and digestive organs.

Kibble Fixer is the next generation of meal toppers. Try it on your dog and see the difference whole food nutrition makes.

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