NRC Balanced Raw Puppy Recipe

Recipe Formulated & Provided by:  Ronny Wiltz from Perfectly Rawsome

The National Research Council (NRC) for dogs and cats has established minimum and recommended allowances (RA) for essential nutrients to maintain optimal health.

Raw diet ratios achieve nutritional balance when the appropriate ingredients are selected and provided in sufficient amounts. Balance can be accomplished using ratios as a guideline to formulate a balanced raw meal with whole foods.

This recipe was formulated for a puppy who is eating 18 ounces of raw daily. Portions and calculations are unique to individual dogs and must be calculated correctly through a certified nutritionist to ensure proper feeding. 



The recipe is made balanced as is, ingredient substitutions will affect nutritional balance. This recipe is made to be fed as is without ingredient substitutions. Be sure to use basic food handling and safety practices when preparing raw food.