Freeze Dried Vs. Dehydrated


Astronauts & soldiers use freeze-dried foods as they have a long shelf-life and are lightweight...but have you ever thought about giving freeze-dried foods to your pets?!

Freeze-dried treats contain minimum ingredients (usually only one), which give you confidence in feeding quality foods to your pets!


Freeze-dried foods can preserve foods for up to 25 years without needing to be rotated like other methods. Anything can be FD from fruits, veggies, and even raw meat! The freeze-drying (FD) process preserves 97% of nutrients, where other methods such as dehydration destroy more.


Freeze-dried food is created through "sublimation" when the food goes to vapor without experiencing a liquid (water) phase. The raw food is placed in a pressurized chamber and is frozen solid while removing all moisture. This process preserves the most nutrients, enzymes, and protein structure while making the food shelf-stable.


Freeze-Dried chews are not as long-lasting as dehydrated chews due to the processing it goes through. But, freeze-dried products can be brought back to their original form with the addition of water!


It is well known that heat-processed bones should never be fed. This is because they become dry and brittle, and the chance of splintering increases significantly. But, since freeze-dried products are not heat-treated and are so close to the raw state, FD bones are acceptable to feed. Whereas dehydration uses warm air to remove moisture, FD uses the cold-temperature process. Rather than splintering, FD bones will break more naturally or even crumble due to the lack of water.


 FD treats are often the most palatable to pets and are easy to train with. They are easy to snap in half for rewarding or give it whole as a snack. FD foods can also be convenient for those traveling or uncomfortable feeding 100% raw.


FD treats & chews are an excellent kibble booster and add variety to the bowl. Whether it's pheasant eggs or salmon fillets, freeze-dried foods are beneficial & easy to feed!