The Forgotten Milk... Bovine Colostrum


A lot of people have asked me lately, what is bovine colostrum? Why should I use it?  What benefits does it provide?  

To sum it all up in one sentence for you, raw colostrum benefits and rebuilds the body at the deepest level.  But before we explore how it benefits, let's first understand what it is exactly.  

Every female mammal produces colostrum after giving birth for a short period of time. Colostrum, or “first milk” as some call it, is available only for a few hours or days after birth, and then the mothers milk changes over to regular milk.  Colostrum is different in composition from regular milk because it holds nutrients and properties that make it one of the most powerful foods out there.  Think about it!  This is the FIRST thing that a new born is going to take in after birth.  It has to be one of the most nutrient dense super foods out there, in order to give a new born that extra oomph it needs after leaving the womb.  

If you look deeper into colostrum, you will find that it contains 97 immune factors, 87 growth factors, a variety of probiotics, prebiotics, all essential amino acids, all essential parent fatty acids, as well as protein, immunoglobulin, lactoferrin, to just name a few.  Basically, it has all the “good stuff" your body needs to build, repair, strengthen, and restore.  Due to all the antibodies, nutrients, and other properties mentioned above, it is no wonder that colostrum acts like a super food to remedy a vast number of conditions from, but not limited to: autoimmune disorders, GI issues, immune deficiencies, etc. 

In a nutshell, colostrum helps your hormonal system revert back to normal levels.  It also helps your immune system strengthen which then helps the body fight ailments.  It helps the digestive system restore back to it’s optimal function.  And it even provides the body with every basic essential nutrient known.  

A little fun fact for you - did you know that raw, unprocessed bovine colostrum can actually help lactose intolerant people build back their ability to digest and process raw dairy products?  That’s right.  It not only helps rebuild the permeability of the gut lining, but it also has a low level of the lactose enzyme which many people have become intolerant to due to over pasteurization.  

So now that we have figured out why colostrum is so beneficial, you can pretty much understand why it is beneficial for our pets (and ourselves!).  Whenever we have a client that is suffering from some type of ailment, whether it be allergies or IBD or even something simple like kennel cough, the first supplement we implement into the diet is colostrum.  If you have a healthy and happy pet, you can always keep some colostrum frozen in the freezer for “emergencies”.  Or, you can also include it in their daily diet every now and then just as an “added” immune booster.  Just keep in mind that not all colostrum is created equally.  In order to get the true benefits of colostrum, you want minimally processed, well-sourced colostrum.  Which is why we ONLY sell raw (never pasteurized, straight from the cow) organic, grass-fed, bovine colostrum.  

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** Just keep in mind that colostrum in raw form will always be more potent than powdered colostrum.  RFM sources our raw colostrum from an organic farm that is cruelty-free and never jeopardizes the health or well-being of the mother cow and her calf.