Vital Pet Lipids - Fish Oils for Dogs and Cats

  • Promotes glandular strength 
  • Enhances mucus membranes
  • Makes coats and eyes shiny
  • Helps to normalize blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • May reduce joint pain
  • Great for pets sensitive to salmon
  • Ideal as a fish oil supplement to be added to meals

Vital Pet Lipids is a premium fish oil for dogs, an oil-based nutrient that supports the cellular lipid membranes with astaxanthin, tuna oil, and vitamin E oil. These lipids activate Co Q10, an essential nutrient for the cellular power plants: the mitochondria.

Tuna Oil is the preferred DHA supplement and is vital for proper nerve function and brain development. Our Tuna Oil tests at 1/20 of the allowable limit of mercury. Astaxanthin, extracted from spirulina, is one of the most beneficial lipids known to science. It’s antioxidant strength is 550 times stronger then Vitamin E.

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