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The Twenty Pounder

The Twenty Pounder


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  • RFM's "Twenty Pounder" Pack 
  • This pack changes every time the current version sells out
  • This listing is for 20 LBS of product
  • A curated order that offers a variety of items
  • This pack includes four muscle meat, a raw meaty bone, and an organ
  • Meal preparation is still required; product comes in bulk packaging
  • Changes cannot be made; this is a pre-set pack  
  • Great way to order continuous variety every month!
  • There is still room for 35 more pounds of products for our largest box
The "Twenty Pounder" includes:  
Duck Frames
Beef Heart
Chicken Liver
Ground Beef Lung
Turkey Thighs Boneless
Turkey Hearts
Pork Jowls
Thread Herring

Raw Feeding Miami’s Twenty Pounder Pack is ideal for pet owners that need a small raw order put together for them.  The Twenty Pounder Pack is a curated order that offers a variety of proteins, such as muscle meats, bones and organs, at a discounted price. Meal Preparation is still required for the Twenty Pounder Pack; Items will be packaged individually in 2.5 LB bags. This is a pre-set listing for 20 LBS of product; Changes can not be made.

Note: There is room for 35 more pounds of product in a shipping box after ordering this Twenty Pounder Pack! This can be used for ordering any Healthy Pet Treats or specific items you may want to add on.

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Brand: Raw Feeding Miami