All-Natural Rawhide Chews

These All-Natural Rawhide Chews are our toughest recreational chew we have available, making them great for powerful chewers! These All-Natural Rawhide Chews are made from pasture-raised & finished cow skin that is never bleached, or treated with any chemicals or preservatives making them fully digestible. They are hand-cut, sun-dried, and sold per square. 
    • All-Natural Cowhide Chews
    • Made from pasture-raised & finished cow skin
    • Should be fed as a recreational chew
    • Fully digestible 
    • Second toughest chew available 
    • Never bleached, or treated with chemicals or any preservatives
    • Each square is hand made! 
    • Sold per piece; available in small, medium, and large 

    74 pieces in stock

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