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RFM's Treat Bag


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  • RFM's Treat Bag 
  • Curated for the super spoiled four legged love in your life 
  • A great way to try a variety of different treats 
  • Perfect for gifting! 
  • Burlap bag with ribbon included 
  • All items are from pastured animals 
  • Items are subject to change without notification 
  • Everything in this bulk bag is dehydrated & meant for supplemental feeding
  • Many items are made exclusively for this bundle and are not available seperately 
  • Current RFM Treat Bag may contain:
Dehydrated Whole Quail 
Dehydrated Beef Esophagus 
Dehydrated Duck Feet
Dehydrated Emu Cartilage 
Dehydrated Pork Skins
Dehydrated Beef Oxlips
Dehydrated Liver (Emu, Goat, or Bison) 

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Brand: Raw Feeding Miami