RFM's December Bulk Pack

RFM's December Bulk Pack

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Brand: Raw Feeding Miami

RFM's December Bulk Pack


  • RFM's December Bulk Pack
  • This listing is for 50 LBS of product
  • A curated order that offers a variety of harder to find items 
  • This pack includes muscle meat, bone, and organs
  • Meal preparation is still required; product comes in 2.5 LBS bags 
  • Changes cannot be made; this is a pre-set pack  
  • Offered at a discounted price 
  • This bulk pack changes monthly in order to offer variety 
  • Items may be substituted without warning 
  • There is room for 5 more pounds, for any treats or specific items you may want to add on


This bulk pack includes: (1) pig tail, (1) green tripe ground, (1) beef liver, (1) pork cushion, (2) ground beef lung, (1) pork for stew, (1) pork jowls, (1) chicken gizzards, (1) turkey gizzards, (1) turkey heart, (2) thread herring, (1) bison green tripe, (1) turkey necks, (1) ground beef, (1) beef kidney, (2) chicken trim